Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bypass the Pitfall When Purchasing Online

    Online shopping or purchasing seems have been part of people’s life now. But they do bring people pain as well as good bargin. That people is cheated by the online seller is no longer something unusual. If you are new in shopping, especially purchasing online, take minutes to read the tips below and bypass the potential pitfall.

DO NOT Trust the suppliers that have the following features:
1) Have not its own domain name website, only have an sub-domain website.

2) The supplier's just have a mobile phone number, like +86-13-xxxx-xxxxx, or +86-15-;, They dont have any landline or fax.

3) The supplier website don't have detail office address, no suite number etc.,

4) Claimed “a Hong Kong company”, but the contact phone number will be from china mainland origin-, and the address is not Hong Kong address. You can check Hong Kong company registration info at

5) Posted thousands of products in some B2B platform such as that its price is very cheap;

6) Selling famous brand, please notice all famous brand is hard to ship to oversea if don't have the export license;

7) Not only the goods price is very cheap, but also the shipping rate is also very cheap or free;

8) Ask the supplier tell you its office's address, say “you will assign some one to visit his/her office”, check what he/she say;

9) Trust your first feeling, if you don't feel safe, and then give up this supplier. You can use our true identity verification service, or cash on delivery service, or personal shopper service.

Those are the tips comes from my 15years’ e-cormerce experience.Hope to share yours too!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Be a Proffesional Inquiry Sender—5 Tips from Inquiry Receiver

Nowadays E-mail is still the major contact means that people use it in business, especially in international trading. As a purchaser, have you ever encountered trouble in getting replied for an inquiry? Have you ever lose your patience as well as great business opportunities in the time you are waiting?

Here are some tips Richforth wants to share with you. Since we get hundreds of inquires each day, you have some reason to follow the points below:

1.Make us know what you want. Many clients send us an inquiry from with the pictures attached, showing more than 10 kinds of products. And they left no more other information about the products they looked for. This kind of inquiry are doomed to the last ones to be handled. Therefore, product name must be shown clearly in the email subject or email content.

2.Notify us the specific item number if you want the existed item we posted on our website. If you have your own design, please attach a picture of your own design.

3.Provide us with your quantity. It will let your inquiry to be a priority. You may think that you want to know the MOQ first. But if you provide your quantity which is smaller than the MOQ, there may still have some ground to discuss. If you give up at the right moment you see the MOQ, you do really lose some opportunities.

4.If you are clear about the product material and size and the logo printing way, provide them. It will make your inquires be top ones. If you get no idea of them, you could provide your target price and your product purpose. It will bring the same effect. Our sales representatives will make some recommendation to you in line with your requirements.

5.Leave your name, company name, phone number and your country at the email bottom. It will dramatically increase your credibility.

Do you agree with Richforth? Leave your point of view and share us with more!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tips for You Who Want to Import Goods from China

You must have heard too many stories about making money online and feel that you can’t no longer restrain your restless heart.You think you are ready to rush with others to China to source the so called high-quality and low-price products and then sell them at a good price. Before you throw money to another continent that is a bit far away from you , give yourself two more seconds to read the points below:

1. Learn more about your target companies.

★ Have a clear understanding of the company profile. Is it a factory or a trading company? Every coin has two sides. A factory may give you a better price but it has smaller product variety. A trading company,such as Richforth in China, could offer you thousands kind of products with different quantity and quality requirement, which may save you a lot of time to seek different factories and time to learn about them. If you never enter this field,you could send inquiry to both factory and trading company and make a comparison.In this way, you will to some extend find what you want.

★ Visit their company websites, chat with their salesperson online, email them and make a tellephone call. You could learn more form different contact ways. Do they reply urgently, communite smoothly, listen and eaplain patiently? You will find a legal company do better with these matters. By the way, you could also ask them to provide you contact information of one of their clients from your country.Then you will be able to fingure out some companies or factories with relatively high credit.

2. Learn more about the products you want.

★ Material, size, printing requirement and packing way are the most important elements that the price. Take the skateboard as example. Material and size are up to your product purpose, for professional player or common people. If you do not play skateboad or knows little about it,you at least search the internet to collect some basic knowledge of it.

A.Maple deck:Canadian maple and Chinese maple. The former one is more durable and firm so it has a higher price. Their ply number also have an influence on the price.

B.Wheel and Bearing: PU is commonly used for wheels today.The “durometer”(95A-103A is ofen used for professional skateboards) and “size” are the keywords for wheel.Bearing is always measured in ABEC degree. (ABEC-7 is preciser than ABEC-5.)

C.Truck:the size of it is determined by the dack size.Aluminium truck is firm and PP is often used in kid's skateboard truck.

D.Package way:shrink wrap, color box and carry bag. The first one is the simpleat and the cheapest.But most of the high-quality skateboards choose this package way.

E.Print requirement:Any print requirement on the board or the outside box will add a plate-making charge. It's up to different company policy.But the plate-making for design on board will range from 100 USD TO 180 USD.

★You had better get a sample before any order. Some could provide you free sample but in most occassions, you have to pay the sample charge and shipping cost. Many companies would refund the sample charge to you once the order placed. Sample do not tell everything but do tell a lot.

3.Keep an eye on the market trend, such as the price of raw material. Those days, cotton price grow dramatically. You could never expect to have a good price of products such as towel, mouth-muffel and full-cotton garment. A smart people always do the right thing in the right time.

4.High-qulity and low price is a miracle. If it happens everyday, it will not deserve the name “Miracle”. If you don’t have a storng mind to be frustrated time and time again, pls follow the rule“You get what you pay.”

Hope this article will do some help for you. Any question or any you want to share with us, leave a comment. Richforth is here ready to help and share.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It is 5 things that ruin my website

1. the domain name is too complicated.
No one would like to remember such a complicated domain name.
Believe it or not, people are lazy. Like and, two words comprise a domain name, simple and easy to remember.
On the contrary, take a look at our website: Richforth is not a right English word in the dictionary so that it won’t be very impressive especially for those who don’t know or never hear about Richforth.

2. the template is too simple.
A good or unique template plays an important role in the website-construction and it is also of great help for your website optimization.
Meanwhile, an innovative template can arouse people’s interest and make them stay your webpage longer.’s template is plain and it is hard for us to stand out from millions and millions of websites no matter domestic or abroad.

3. the content is too lousy.
We have to admit that the contents in our website are too lousy to browse. is an B2B website. We comprehensively sell various items from apparel, electronics, gifts & premiums and home products etc. We have ambition to be a one-stop sourcing center here in China. However, according to our statistics, seldom visitors browse more than 2 pages because the contents are lousy and the pictures are very vague. I think the visitors cannot get what they want so they dump You want them come back again? Don’t fancy it!

4. navigation is too bad
As I said before that people are lazy and easy to get impatient. If your navigation is not very clear enough to guide them where to go, they will quickly press the close button. Most of them would never and ever login your website again.

5. Seldom to update
New contents definitely can bring new visitors and at the same time, it will arouse the google’s spider’s attention, which is really a key point for SEO.
Richforth seems to forget its own website once it finished the website construction. Richforth takes so little time to update their web pages that make Richforth lose lots of visitors. Many potential clients are among them no doubt.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Seven B2B Website. Do you know how many of them?

Are you a E-commerce starter? Want to learn more about B2B ? With our experience with E-commerce and the information I gathered for years , here I sum up the top Seven B2B webistes to share with you. Hope it will be helpful!

1. is the largest Commondity Information Database in Asia.

2., based on the Internet, povides us the world’s largest market for demand and supply interaction of International Trade. It provides information about the newest business opportunity from 178 countries and areas as well as a fast-growing businessmen community.

3. has a soud popularity, whose clients mostly come from European & American and Middle East.

4. is the largest sourcing center growing from a comprehensive foreign trading company. Its target customers are those in European & American who run small and medium business.It opens a product window between you and China. Domestic suppliers recommend their leading products and distinctive products to Richforth whose sales channels will help to market their products.

5. It offers yellow page of trading companies from around the globe, which could be queried by ISO Code. It boasts strong Information Database that gathers Volumes of supply and demand information as well as company information.

6. is one of the earliest comprehensive B2B website, facing Asian countries, such as China and Korea . It provides yellow page of companies, business news as well as Consult Service,business community and other tools for International Trading. Moreover, customers can post product pictures on it with no fees.

7. What distinguishes itself from other comprehensive B2B websites is that it not only provides information about business opportunity and functional communities but also offer a tool called GBOT Trade Accelerator who can post its clients trading imformation post to Bulletin in major virtual markets around the world all at once.

Monday, August 2, 2010

China to boost web retail sales through better regulation

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Tuesday it would boost web retail sales in the next five years through better regulation of online sales.

To increase the share of web retail sales in China's total retail industry to five percent by 2015 from some two percent at present, measures would be taken to improve regulations and legislation concerning online transactions, said the MOC.

In some areas where electronic business already shows signs of maturing, the target was set at 10 percent, according to the statement.

The MOC also said that when the time is appropriate, China would require any person selling online to register with industrial and commercial agencies to bring them under government regulation.

Further, more efforts would be taken to encourage businesses in the production, sales and services industries to develop more goods and services that fit online transactions, said the statement.

In 2009, two percent of China's retail sales were conducted on the Internet, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said in a report released earlier this month.

By the end of 2009, China had 384 million Internet users and more than 100 million online shoppers, according to data collected by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).